About Us

Hava System Iran is a Designer and manufacturer of centrifugal fans and dust-collection systems during more than 25 years , Hava System Iran has completed many projects in the field of centrifugal fans and dust collection systems, among these projects we can refer to: 

-EPC project of three sets of Wet-Scrubbers and Centrifugal Fans at Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex

-EPC project of two sets of Bag-Houses and Centrifugal Fans at Mobarakeh Steel Complex
- EPC project of 3 chip board and MDF production plants (pneumatic convening bag  filter dust collector)

Hava System Iran provides comprehensive services in the field of fans and dust-collectors- including designing- engineering- manufacturing and commissioning.

 Our mission, in Hava System Iran is to provide our customers with the engineering solutions that best suit their requirements and to provide them with the highest quality.
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