Centrifugal Fan:

Fans that are produced by Hava system are divided to bellow branches:

•       Medium pressure fans.

•       High pressure fans

•       Custom design fans

•       Plug in fans

•       Axial fans

Medium pressure centrifugal fans:

According to the inlet gas specification (clean air, dusty air or humid laden air) and also the flow rate and pressure, Medium pressure fans are designed In 5 different types which are known from the first letter of (A-B-F-K-L) and each type is subdivided in 3 categories which are named by the second digit 1 or 2 or 3

These series of centrifugal fans are manufactured in3 basic power transmission arrangements:

-Direct drive

- Belt drive

-  Flexible coupling drive. 

Technical data:

•       Capacity: up to 550000 (m3)

•       Total pressure: up to 7000 (Pa)

•       Efficiency: up to 85%

•       Temperature: up 800   (°C)


•       Ventilation and exhaust of clean or dusty air

•       Feeding air of boiler and furnaces.

•       Circulation of hot air (or gases)

•       Pneumatic conveying (Conveying of soot-powder - fibrous materials and granulated products)

•       Transport of process air or gas with fine dry dust or abrasive and corrosive agents.


•       Cement& lime

•       Ceramic & Tile

•       Foundries

•       Petrochemical

•       Soap & detergent industries

•       Glass 

•       Paper and wood

•       Textile


High pressure centrifugal fans:

Hava system high pressure fans are designed in 3 basic models: HA1, HA2 and HA3 and each basic models according to flow rate and pressure are manufactured in variant sizes.

High pressure centrifugal fans are also manufactured in 3 in3 basic power transmission arrangements 

1- Direct drive

2- Belt drive

3- Flexible coupling drive

Technical data:

•       Capacity: up to 60000 (3h)

•       Total pressure: up to 25000 (Pa)

•       Temperature; up to 600 (°C)


•       As a suction system or blower 

•       Transport of process air and gases

•       Furnace burner air supply

•       Pneumatic conveying systems


•       Cement& lime

•       Ceramic & Tile

•       Detergent and soap industries

•       Foundries

•       Glass Industries

•       Paper and wood working industry

•       Textile

Custom Design Fans and Impellers:

Hava system custom design centrifugal fans are especially suited for applications that requires ventilation of air or gas at extremely high pressure and large air volume or for special cases such as ventilation with abrasive and corrosive agents or ventilation of extremely hot air or gases.

Hava System provides comprehensive services including designs, engineering, manufacturing, supervision of erection and commissioning and also annul maintenance contract and spares.

Application of Centrifugal fans in Cement and lime industries:

Centrifugal Fans play major role in every step of cement production from clinker to final grinding. The most important factor is protection against abrasion and corrosion.

Our offer Includes:

•       Special material construction

•       Protection plates or protection layers

•       In some cases, special impeller design

Iron and Steel industries:

Centrifugal fans have to face tough operating conditions in iron and steel industries, like varying temperature, erosion, corrosion and abrasion

Our offer Includes:

Special gaskets design to prevent leakage of process air and toxic gases.

Special material construction to able the fan to handle corrosive and abrasive gases

Chemical industries:

High temperature and pressure, corrosion, material build up and in some cases explosive gases are some of the challenges faced by centrifugal fans in chemical Industries.

Our offer includes:

•       Special material construction

•       Special coating

•       Anti-leakage seals

Plug-in centrifuge Fans:

Plug-in centrifuge fans are designed in both backward and forward curved impeller and are manufactured in 3 basic models which are known as Pin-A2, Pin-A3 and Pin-F2.

These series of fans are manufactured in both belt drive and flexible coupling drive arrangements.

Plugin fans have both insulation layer and shaft cooler which enable them to operate at high temperature.

Technical data:

•       Capacity: up to 72000 {M3/h)

•       Static pressure: up to 3000 (Pa)

•       Temperature: up to 800 (°C)


1.    Creation hot air or gases circulation in furnaces

2.    Pre-heaters and industrial dryers.


•       Glass industries

•       Paint dryers

•       Backing machines.

•       Food industries

  • Medium pressure fans Medium pressure fans
  • High pressure fans High pressure fans
  • Custom design fans Custom design fans