Pulse jet filters


Hava system Pulse jet Filters according to flow rate and application are designed in 4 different types as below:


  • Bag Filter : which are designed for medium capacity flow rate

  • Bag House : a development of bag filter type which specially designed for high capacity filtration.

  • Bin Mounted Filters : designed to be installed above the silos, batch plants and cabins

  • Work Shop Filters : an economic design for low capacity filtration (340 to 2400 m3/h).

Hava system Iran pulse jet filters are designed to filtrate polluted air with dry dust content, the general operating principle is as bellow : The polluted air enters the dusty part where changes in direction and reduction in velocity causes the coarse particles to fall down into the hopper. The fine dust particles which still suspend in gas stream are trapped on the exterior filter surface and are detached by compressed air flow during filtration process. Depending on the dust type and the process, filter bags are cleaned either at regular intervals or on basis of pressure difference, in part with differential pressure control instrument.








A brief pulse of compressed air dislodges the caked dust from the filter bags and transport it to the hopper to be discharged. After the cleaning pulse the filter bags are freshly regenerated and ready for use again in the normal filtration process, in this way the filter bags are continuously cleaned. Special separation systems are required for very fine dusts and the same is true for fibrous, sticky or moist dusts, or for dusts which are difficult to agglomerate. The separated materials and dusts are collected in the hopper and are discharged via screw conveyor and rotary valve or via a double discharge.


Also for dusty hot gases (up to 250°C) we can use special filter bags suitable for high temperatures and for temperatures above 250°C we recommend temperature reduction equipment.




Among these types Bag filters and Bag houses are manufactured in both modular and integral designation. In modular design, units can be arranged beside each other, which enable them to be arranged according to client's installation limits. On other hand, compartments are completely separated so service and maintenance can be done during filtration function.


 As required, we make our pulse jet bag filters in carbon steel, galvanized or stainless steel or with special paint coatings with minimum sheet thickness of 3 millimeters or more for the housing. They are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.




On request hava system can supply plants on a turnkey or EPC basis. This means that we will take care of all components from point of extraction right through to the exhaust gas stack, including hoods, ducting, pulse jet filters, centrifugal fan and control system (MCC) and even foundation.


Hava System Iran specialists will be personally on site for all relevant work during installation and commissioning or even during service and maintenance. 

  • Bag filter Bag filter
  • Bag house Bag house
  • Bin mounted filter Bin mounted filter